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Empire Sports Club




Team Philosophy

Ice Figure Skate is our dream

Empire Sports Club is the first ice skating club in Hong Kong to provide education including ice hockey and figure skating. Persistence and enthusiasm are the essence of ice hockey and figure skating. Empire Sports Club has a spirit that nurtures young hockey players and professional figure skaters, helps build a spirit, and never gives up. By teaching professional ice hockey and figure skate skills, we are committed to guiding and coaching skaters in the correct sportsmanship. 

As a member of local athletes in Hong Kong, our founder Mr. Chim Terence hopes to train better and unique ice hockey teams and players according to the physical fitness of young people in Hong Kong.
Mr. Eric Fon who is a professional figure skate coach in Hong Kong cooperate with Mr. Chim Terence, aim to establish the first ice skating club based on the American professional freestyle training model, in order to reaching the goal, to create a professional ice skating club training model for Hong Kong figure skating.

Our Story

Ice Skating Institute (ISIAsia) of Empire Sports Club is an ISIAsia-registered skating club, and our professional coaches are all ISIAsia-registered coaches. Whether it's ice hockey or figure skating, our club students can obtain the ISIAsia certificate issued by our club after passing the qualification or examination.We are the first ice skating club in Hong Kong that ice hockey students/ players can be registered with ISIAsia. We are committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of professional Hong Kong ice hockey and figure skating.


Meet Empire Coach Team



Head Ice Hockey Coach
Chim Terence

Head Ice Hockey Coach
Jimmy Chim

Ice Hockey Coach
C. Wong

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