The CCM RBZ 70 Roller Hockey Skates are a step up from the entry level model, offering more performance and a great value. The RBZ 70 features Labeda's one-piece chassis that positions players in the optimal stance for a powerful  stride and it holds Labeda Gripper 74A wheels.

The quarter package of the RBZ 70 roller hockey skate is constructed of a durable Embossed Nylon and compound blend. This is ideal for players who are just starting out or for those who are trying to find their stride because the quarter offers some give so that a player's ankles are not torn apart like a high-end, stiff boot would. For the first time in the RBZ skate line, CCM used a one-piece, 6000-aluminum grade frame that utilizes an all 80mm wheel set up for maximum power. Internally, the Labeda Gripper X-Soft 74A wheels hold Labeda Abec 9 bearings for superior roll.

CCM RBZ 70 Senior Hockey Roller Skate