The CCM RBZ 90 Roller Hockey Skates are ideal for the players looking for an advanced level skate without the steep price tag. The Vectorwear Surlyn quarter package provides an elite level of stiffness and even better durability, while the Labeda Dynasty Gripper wheels with Swiss Lite Bearings offer top notch grip and roll on the rink.

The RBZ 90 showcases many high end features throughout the entire skate, the most noticeable being the Vectorwear Surlyn quarter package. It has a flashy look with the white trim but the stiffness, stability and support it offers outshines the aesthetics. Surlyn is the material used in the outer coating of golf balls, hence the dimpled outer texture, and has excellent durability properties. Inside the quarters is a customizable EPP Foam Core that boosts stability and support to but more importantly allows for the boot to provide a true, personalized fit after being heat molded. CCM then used a full lightweight composite outsole for the first time in this RBZ line, insuring a stiff and responsive feel for the foot as well as aiming to maximize energy transfer through each stride.

CCM RBZ 90 Junior Hockey Roller Skate