The CCM Tacks 1052 shoulder pads are great for beginner players looking for decent protection all while staying within a budget. Tacks 1052 has a one-piece non-adjustable bicep construction. You can’t really alter the height like you can on the higher price points, but it still gives you really good protection for the upper arm.

A plastic insert on the floating sternum plate gives added protection in the front, and in the back you will find the integrated spine guard. It’s not floating like the sternum piece, but there is a large plastic insert for protection of the spine as well.

Standard plastic shoulder caps are used to cushion any collisions made. The up side to this type of pad is that although it doesn’t compare to the level of protection offered at higher price points, it is very light weight and mobile. With only essential areas covered such as the shoulders, sternum and the spine, it is also a favorite among adult league players that place a premium on lightweight and mobility.

CCM Tacks 1052 Senior Shoulder Pads


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