The Tacks lineup is all about maximum coverage and optimal protection and the Tacks 6052 shin guard definitely delivers with the introduction of D3O foam technology. This innovative foam is built into the knee caps to help provide better shock absorption against both hard and soft impacts. So how does it all work? D3O smart foam keeps its soft consistency to absorb energy from low intensity impacts and instantly hardens for any higher intensity impacts. The molecules in this foam are continuously free flowing, this allows the “smart material” to remain soft and flexible, but on impact, the molecules lock together to absorb and dissipate the energy from the impact. After the impact, the molecules return to their soft and flexible state. This unique molecular structure offers cutting edge pro level protection perfect for blocking shots, warding off stick slashes, and protecting the wearer from big hits.

For stability, CCM uses a nice thick elastic strap for the lower part of the shin, and then they use their wrap lock, which is a neoprene and webbing strap that wraps all the way around to the front of the shin to give nice stability behind the knee. With the wrap lock, the shin is “locked “securely to the leg, tape is pretty much unnecessary with this feature. A huge plus about the fit of the shin is how well it actually stays in place. Here at Hockey Monkey we like to call it a “centered” fit, because when you put it on it really lines up nicely to the center of the leg and stays there. Sometimes shin guards will veer off on one side or the other, but in the case of the Tacks 6052, when it is put on it stays where it is supposed to be.

For additional protection, removable thigh protection is available so if you aren’t into that extra pad above the knee you can go right ahead and easily remove it. Moving down to the calf wrap, you’ve got a multi density padded layer with a plastic insert , and exposed molded foam with another plastic insert on the other side of the calf as well so you can get really nice protection on the backside of the pad as well. A removable anatomical liner made with premium mesh lines the shin. It features comfort foam and a nice thick knee donut to cushion collisions and falls.

CCM’s Tacks 6052 shin guards provide all the protection you need to perform under pressure. If you are looking for a solid shin guard with a great centered fit, we highly recommend you check out the Tacks 6052 shin guards, you will not be disappointed."

CCM Tacks 6052 Senior Shin Guards


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