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The Empire Way

At Empire Sports Club, our team philosophy revolves around the idea of ice hockey as a passion, and we are dedicated to helping young players pursue that passion with persistence and enthusiasm.

We understand that ice hockey requires a unique combination of physical and mental skills, and our curriculum is designed to help players develop these skills in a supportive and challenging environment. We believe that sportsmanship is an essential part of any athlete's training, and we strive to instill values like respect, teamwork, and perseverance in all of our students.

As the first ice skating club in Hong Kong to offer education in ice hockey, we take our responsibility to our students seriously. Our founder, Mr. Terence Chim, is committed to building an environment for training teams and players according to the unique requirements in Hong Kong. Our goal is not just to fill up the ice or look busy, but to focus on player development and help our students reach their full potential. That our players will be excited to return the next day, will end the season better than they began it, and hopefully will continue to love the game of ice hockey past their teenage years. 

We believe that ice hockey education is not just about winning games or competitions, but about building character, confidence, and a lifelong love of the sport. We are proud to be a part of the local athletic community in Hong Kong, and we are committed to providing the highest quality education and training to our students. If you share our passion for ice hockey and our values, we invite you to become a part of the Empire.


Ice Skating Institute (ISIAsia) of Empire Sports Club is an ISIAsia-registered skating club, and our professional coaches are all ISIAsia-registered coaches. Whether it's ice hockey or figure skating, our club students can obtain the ISIAsia certificate issued by our club after passing the qualification or examination.We are the first ice skating club in Hong Kong that ice hockey students/ players can be registered with ISIAsia. We are committed to innovating and pushing the boundaries of professional Hong Kong ice hockey and figure skating.

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