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Synthetic Ice Service

Comprehensive and professional ice builder
100% Customized

Empire Sports produces the highest quality Synthetic Ice brand today.

We offer a gliding level 95% similar to that of traditional ice hockey rinks. Example: NHL's driving range synthetic ice is also composed of the same synthetic material. We offer synthetic ice rinks for sale with multiple business opportunities. You can get your own synthetic ice for sale for permanent installation in a specific location or simply temporarily set it up for a certain part of the year. Anything is possible with us! In fact, our projects are all different, so you will never find two of the same ice rinks for sale.


By controlling each step in the production process for our synthetic ice, we can offer a broad range of shapes, sizes and colors, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your project.

Our team of professionals are experienced (successfully installing several synthetic ice rinks in Asia) and can assist you throughout the entire process. Empire Sports doesn’t just provide skating rinks for sale, it also offers a comprehensive service spanning from the creation of the project draft to the final implementation.

Would you like to complement your ice rink with accessories or additional services? We also offers any other element you might be thinking of. Nothing is impossible! 

Empire Sports designs and constructs the best synthetic ice hockey rinks with regulation measurements and hockey lines embedded in the surface. Our unique skating surface allows for a better degree of gliding, as well as better stop control. With hockey synthetic ice tiles, hockey players can realize their absolute potential by practicing under realistic conditions, always following NHL and IIHF standards. The hockey lines embedded in the surface are created through an injection treatment using cutting-edge technology, allowing natural surface gliding characteristics to be maintained. Sunice is produced in specialized factories in Spain and north part of China which providing a variety of synthetic ice materials for customers to choose. Examples of our build: Synthetic Ice Rink in Secondary School in Hong Kong


Features of Synthetic Ice

With a precise coefficient of friction and molecular structure system, the lubricant on the ice allows the skater to have a smooth and glossy ice experience. Synthetic ice reduces the occurrence of scrap of ice, keeps the floor smooth and tidy.


Features of synthetic ice:

- Cost advantage: Compared with the real ice rink, the construction cost of the synthetic ice rink is estimated to be about 1/10 of the real ice rink.

-Site advantage: The synthetic ice rink is not limited by the area, location and environment.

-Affection: Neither temperature nor climate change affect synthetic ice.

-Low cost of consumption of water and electricity: Bases on it does not contain real ice, thus, it can reduce the process of shoveling ice, in order to reduce the consumption of water and electricity to a minimum rate.

-Easy to maintain: The synthetic ice surface is very durable and can last for at least 10 to 25 years.


-Environmentally Friendly: Synthetic ice materials are environmentally friendly materials that 100% recyclable and non-toxic. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Synthetic ice is beneficial to environmental protection.

-Easy to build: It does not require excavation to build, it could be built quickly and conveniently.

Contact Us to build your own synthetic ice rink!

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