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Air Inflatable Dome

Hockey & Ice-Skating Air Inflatable Dome
Comprehensive and professional ice builder
100% Customized

The lightweight and beautiful design of the inflatable dome is suitable for building real ice/ synthetic ice rinks. Air inflatable dome has a long life expectancy, moreover, it is durable and reusable. It is budget-friendly for construction especially in out-door area. Features a lower carbon footprint due to less material and heavy machinery used during dome installation. It has basic wind, rain and sunprotection functions. The inflatable dome keeps the activities going even in extreme weather. The stability of air-inflated structures permits various facilities for a setup or build within the inflatable sports dome. Air inflatable dome is the most economical and convenient way of covering rinks.

Remarks: Air inflatable dome present on the market for over 30 years.

The real example: IIHF Ice Hockey World Championships in inflatableDome.


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