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We aim to provide the best ice hockey learning experience to our students. We aim to train players to a professional level with the aid of experienced coaches and a well-planned training system. Students are expected to acquire progressive ice hockey skills, to develop team spirit and most importantly to enjoy the sport. Programs are set up according to age and level, including ice hockey skating and inline hockey skating. Students will be given the opportunities to join the Empire Ice Hockey League at a certain level. This acts as a platform for them to utilized what they have learnt in a real game situation, also enables us to evaluate their learning progresses. Dryland sessions and training day camps are available in summer.



Develops the cardiovascular system of the body

The energy and muscular strength required in hockey help in the development of cardiovascular system, which supplies the muscles with oxygen. Pumping of sufficient quantities of oxygen helps to improve the breathing and cellular activity.

Enhanced muscular strength

The enhanced muscular strength gained from hockey can reduce the risk of injury, improve bone strength, strengthen connective tissues and increase muscle mass. All of these contribute positively to a healthier, stronger body that is less prone to injury and has improved overall function.

Brain boost

Exercise itself can improve your mood because of the endorphin that are released, easing feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. As a form of exercise, hockey provides this benefit, but there’s an added brain boost that comes with the sport as well. Hockey demands good decision-making, and honing these skills on the ice or field can also be transferred to everyday life.

Develops the spirit of team work

Playing with a team of 11 people develops a sense of teamwork as everyone works towards successful achievement of goals and victory.Being able to effectively communicate with a teammate in the middle of a fast play not only leads to success on the ice, but it also leads to the overall improvement in the communication skills of the players.

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