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Easy To Use

Just peel, stick, play – and enjoy. You’ll get the feel for BladeTape in 2-3 practices.

Better "Grip"

Bladetape’s textured surface gives more spin and accuracy on that shot, saucer pass or clearing play.

Softer Hands

BladeTape makes it easier for you to cradle that hard pass or swallow up rebounds.

Faster Stickhandling

BladeTape’s lighter weight and lower friction with the playing surface creates freer, easier stickhandling.

Less Waste

Think of all the time and hockey tape you’ll save from not taping and re-taping so frequently.

Durable & Economical

BladeTape normally lasts about 15 games between replacements – so it’s inexpensive to use!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not enjoying better puck control within 30 days of purchasing your first set of BladeTape, simply contact us – and we’ll naturally reimburse your original purchase in full.

Blade Tape

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